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In Loving Memory



Today, at around 1pm (16th of March 2024) everyone's hero, the spectacular being that we all came to know and love as "Noble" came up against something so big that no one,  not even he or his Mum, the amazing powerhouse behind this organisation, Jacqueline, could beat. 

This was the message that greeted us all online today, from his grief stricken friend, mum and rescuer at Barkinside.

"I don't know where to start. How do I tell you all. How do I even begin.. This morning, our hero, our lion, our magnificent Noble left us. He went into acute kidney failure and there was nothing I could do this time to save him. The only reason I  know I am alive is because I am still breathing. I decided to let him go with Grace, with so so much love, with Peace. I held him, told him how much I loved him, how you all loved him, how we would be together again. That he can run with Oscar, Louis , Nina, Munchkin, Beti, Lola, Spartan  and all the most beautiful souls, no longer in this realm. Yes, I am sobbing , my heart is broken. But I had the absolute joy of having this beautiful boy in my life, even for far to shorter time. I held him. And he knew only love. Run free my Angel, Sleep well sweet Prince, till we meet again."

Noble memorial

NB: Please note. The pictures below are of Noble when he was first rescued by Barkinside. His whole life he had been the innocent victim of abuse, these pictures reflect that. This is at the request of Jacqueline who rescued him, she wants to include all aspects of his life, saying that, "It's the complete story of an incredible dog."

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