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Welcome to the first Barkinside newsletter for 2024. Apologies for its late arrival, but as you will know, things have been very manic, as usual.

We have a new website where this Newsletter is published, we aim to publish this every six

months if you would like to receive copy by email please leave your address and details in the form on the right, or send Jacqueline an email, or whatsapp, or a Facebook message with your details (further contact options available here).

Many thanks and enjoy!

The year began with a heartfelt message from Jacqueline.

31 December 2022

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Danke fürs Einreichen!

“The end of an incredible year. Of amazing highs and heartbreaking lows. Of new beginnings and a complete change in life choices. 

One simple idea changed my life again this year and in doing so, with your help changed and saved the lives of many. 

Thanks to you, my friends, supporters and guides. Barkinside is working better than ever and helping so many.

“So much more, still to come. I truly did not think I would be sharing these photos of Josefe and Noble under the Christmas tree.

They are alive because of you and your faith in me. Because of my faith in me and in my amazing vets. 

We have saved many lives this year. Many beautiful souls now have families. 

I thank you all for your donations, both financially and in every other way. As I always say, you are the blood of Barkinside. There are more to save and to help find sanctuary or furever homes.


I've had the joy of making some amazing friends on the journey. I have sadly lost some very dear to me. I have a family I love dearly. I now have a home. I am beyond blessed. I do every day what my heart and soul loves. 

I wish you all a Wonderful 2023. 

Thank you for being part of my journey “

Some names you may remember helping, just from January alone: Ozzie,Teddy, Noble, Hansel and Gretal, Dita and Fina, Bob Marley, Lazer, Bruno, Sancho, Fletcha, Misty, Josefe and Peppa, Dilly Doughnut, Jodie and last but not least, Munchkin.

link to doc currently working on HERE

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