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24 November 2023

We were asked to help this beautiful boy.

We were asked to help this  beautiful boy.

 16 years old and so very sadly his mama died. He found himself in a perrera. Heartbreaking.

Dear friends Karen Fernandes and the family asked for our help. This is what the sanctuary and you, our supporters do. We have incredible fosters, short or long term Jackie Hughes  and Dave who will care for him over the next couple of weeks. He howls for his mama, Heartbreaking.

Tonight, he met Micheal, one of our special babies, one of 5 puppies we rescued from bins. Adopted, by Jackie and Dave. The only surviving boy, named after the rolling stones, he has been pining for the wonderful Dixie.

Let's help Bandit, care , share and give him all the love in the world

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