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8 August 2023

Jacqueline's Post with Maggie Moo

Jacqueline's Post with Maggie Moo

The results are in. He is being treated for infections with antibiotics and anti inflammatories. We don't think the lump on his face is a problem, but is deffo infected. He is, thank goodness negative for Leishmaniosis, his heart is good. He has tick related disease, but once he's finished with the infection treatment, we will commence the treatment for this.

His condition is due to total neglect.

Tomorrow he is going to have a very special pamper day. We decided to take him to the beach, he loved it, Munchkins favourite place. His exercise is little and often as he is muscle weak. His nails were so very long! Now he can walk.

We bought him a special little harness as I had nothing small enough. He weighs 2.5kg. He is wearing Munchkins collar, using her leads, and has ventured into her little bed.

It's been very emotional, but he stands now the chance of a long life. Let the recovery


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