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1 November 2023

Barkinside's latest success stories & Announcements

Barkinside's latest success stories & Announcements

Stevie Wonder

.....we discovered our baby, Stevie Wonder has become a superchilled and very smart and obedient little man. Soon going to his new home with, amazingly by my Nephew Rob. I am so happy for him


Lots of people ask after our Smiffy. He's an incredible baby, clumsy, always wet and dirty. Incredibly loving, seriously smart, a complete twat. Going to his new mum Victoria Cluskey next week. Hi mum, I've been in the pool again !! I shall miss the lump very much


I am over the moon. Our beautiful Angel is adopted and will travelling to the UK, to a wonderful home. Our 5th dog adopted within the last week. I. So happy for her


Had the pleasure of meeting & showing Rocky, the Bodeguero! He is the sweetest little boy, who loves nothing more than a cuddle, wrapping his paws around you. He’s not a barker, nor a growler, loved meeting all dogs & gave everyone he met a cuddle! He’s only a puppy, about 8months old. As with most Bodeguero’s he’s got lots of energy to play. He will make someone the most affectionate little boy!

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